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Year of the Raven is just over 200 pages. It retails for $16 in print or $7.99 as a Kindle download.

At the moment, it is not available in stores. If you need one concise sentence that tells your readers how to buy it, please say, "Year of the Raven is available online at, or through Amazon." 

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Editors: Would you like to run one entire chapter for free? I'm happy to provide complete-chapter excerpts if a review will run in the same issue or in exchange for a display ad. (Stories must be identified as excerpts from Year of the Raven.)

Do you run an indy bookstore or fly shop? I will happily sell you six or more copies at a great discount. These transactions are PayPal only. If you're interested, please contact me using the form below. Put your phone number in the Comments section.

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